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How do I get to Fraser Island?


Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, located off the East Coast of Australia. Also called K’gari, it is a popular tourist destination and year-round favourite for locals and visitors alike. It is not only known for it’s long sandy beaches, but also for it’s amazing lakes and wild dingo population. It was declared as a World Heritage site in 2002.

10 Things to do on Fraser Island

We have put together a list of the top things to see and do while on Fraser Island!

Fraser Tours with Extra Accommodation

Many Fraser Island overnight tours offer the chance to add-on extra nights’ accommodation. This is a great option as almost-all of the tours will depart from the accommodation place itself.

Save money on your Fraser Island tour

Travelling along the East Coast of Queensland doesn’t have to be a budget-breaking trip, especially with plenty of great deals, combos and discounts for backpackers heading to Fraser Island.

Fraser Island compared to other destinations

It is hard to compare the world’s largest sand island to other destinations, and in actual fact Fraser Island is really in a league of its own.

Fraser Island on a Budget

All budget-savvy backpackers know the in’s and out’s of sticking to their monetary limits, but if this type of travelling is all new to you, there are few things you can learn before booking your trip to Fraser.

Travel Queensland's East Coast

The eastern coast of Queensland is a glorious smorgasboard of destination delights for the town-hopping holiday-er. Beyond the capital cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, are the smaller coastal towns of Australia which are renowned for their natural attractions, tucked-away sanctuaries and abundance of exciting trips and tours.

Brisbane to the Fraser Coast

If you are leaving from Brisbane to head to the Fraser Coast, you can expect a flight from Brisbane takes approximately 40 minutes, with Qantas operating daily flight to Hervey Bay directly. Hervey Bay is the main launch point to get to Fraser Island.

Whale Watching Hervey Bay

Fraser Island and Hervey Bay are renowned as THE playground for migrating whales around the world heading back to the Antarctic.

Getting to Fraser Island

There are numerous ways to access Fraser Island, either by private car, plane, train or bus, to get to the ferry transfer to the island.

Fraser Island Accommodation

There are several ‘resort’ style accommodation places on Fraser Island, however many travellers opt to stay on the mainland simply because with many day and overnight tours include accommodation on either side of the trip.

Driving on Fraser Island

Why just view it, when you can drive on it.

Where do Fraser Island tours depart from?

As an island, there is a short distance to travel to get to Fraser Island, but it has been made very easy with most tours now including ferry transfers and pick up and drop offs from your accommodation. These pick up locations are widespread - from Noosa, Hervey Bay and even the Sunshine Coast, depending on the tour, and will take you to either of the 2 ferry locations at Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. Regular ferries run from these gateways to Fraser Island where you will begin your adventure! All you have to do is choose what tour to go on and where you want to depart!

Tag-along and guided tours, what are they?

When you have to choose between a tag-along or guided tour on Fraser Island, there are things you may like to consider.

What is it about Fraser Island?

Even if you are an Aussie at heart, you simply must experience the beauties which make up your own backyard. Exhibit A – Fraser Island.

Fraser Island Tours

Want to go to Fraser Island? We have everything you need to plan your trip here!

Fraser Island gives travellers the chance to explore some of the most unique natural beauty and charm that Australia has to offer, whilst enjoying an adventurous island escape a world away from East coast. Whether wanting an informative guided tour, an adventurous tag-along camping safari or simply a self-drive of your very own, we can help find the perfect trip for you. So go ahead and discover the wonder of this exceptional World Heritage Listing for yourself...


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